Monday, August 31, 2009

Testimonial - Leslie Small

"My experience with photography in general had always been odd. As an actress I feel completely at ease in front of a video camera, the dialogue and movement makes sense because it's fluid and seemingly organic. However in the presence of a still camera I feel not only awkward, but unsure of how to convey my objective. I always dread this aspect, taking headshots, but as an actor your headshot is your calling card and it's imperative that they capture "you". Working with Tom was an absolute delight, he put at ease my trepidation and anxiety to the extent that I actually had fun in the process! His method of imagining a story and having you focus on certain points to capture a mood was genius, and produced the best headshots I've ever taken. I can say with absolute certainty that not only will I recommend friends to Tom, but the next time I need updated photos, I'm definitely going to him. Thanks again Tom for the best shoot ever!" - L.Small

Monday, August 17, 2009

Testimonial - Sarah Michaels

"Tom was professional from the beginning, but very personable at the same time. He definitely made me feel comfortable in order to relax and get the best head shots that I've had done so far. His unique style was refreshing; He's definitely not a typical photographer in that, instead of directing me to pose in specific ways, he showed me how to act naturally with visualization and storytelling on my part. This one-of-a-kind approach enabled him to capture that special something that photographers look for when they are observing people in real life settings. By shooting in this way, he brought out my true personality in my head shots. I will certainly recommend him to all of my actor and model friends who want more than just the typical head shot. Tom, you're the best! Thank you!" - S.Michaels

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Official Intrinsic Photography Blog!!!

Welcome! Many of you have ask for this, so here we are...this is The Official Intrinsic Photography Blog. Check back here for posts of my most recent shoots along with tips, thoughts, and just stuff. Thank you everyone for your continued support. -TM